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Is your child struggling in group situations or lacking confidence on the pitch? 


At Mini Tekkers, we understand the unique challenges some children face, and we're here to help them shine.


Our goal is to boost your child's confidence while developing their football skills and technique. 


We know that it can be tough for kids who feel uncomfortable or shy in front of others and that's why we offer a supportive and inclusive environment where they can learn and grow at their own pace.


With Mini Tekkers, your child will gain the skills and self-assurance they need to participate in games with their friends at school or in matches for their teams. 


We take a personalized approach, tailoring sessions to meet each child's specific needs and our experienced coaches have expertise in working with children with low self-confidence and those on the Autism Spectrum, allowing us to adapt sessions and provide a unique learning experience that many others aren't able to offer.


But it's not just about the technical aspects of football, our focus goes beyond the game itself. 


We're dedicated to fostering your child's confidence, resilience, and love for the sport and our aim is to empower them to overcome challenges and thrive both on and off the pitch.


Discover the personalized support and guidance that will make a real difference and watch your child's confidence soar as they develop skills, overcome challenges, and create lasting memories.

Confidence Coaching

Our 1-2-1 football coaching programmes are all individually tailored to your child's ability level and personality, giving them the best opportunity to learn new skills and progress their technique at their own pace.


Austism Football

With many years experience teaching children on the Autism Spectrum we are proud to be one of very few coaching companies in the area able to offer specialist 1-2-1 sessions to children with ASD.

Online Coaching

Elevate your child's football skills from home with our Online Academy. Access interactive drills and programs designed for children aged 5-12, boosting their confidence and technique. Let's kick-start their football journey today!


Discover the stories of young footballers who have thrived with Mini Tekkers. Hear firsthand how our coaching and programs have transformed their skills and confidence. Get inspired by their successes and join our community today!

The Tekkers Blog

Dive into our engaging blog, your go-to resource for valuable insights and tips on all things football. From skill development to parental guidance, join our community as we share knowledge, inspire growth, and support your child's football journey.

Get Kitted Out

Explore our collection of informative articles on football gear essentials. From boots to shin guards, our in-depth guides will help you make informed decisions about the kit your child needs to excel on the pitch. Get expert advice and ensure your young player is equipped for success.