The Mini Tekkers Philosophy...

“To create a fun learning environment that helps children understand the game isn’t solely about winning, and that individual success comes as a result of being the best you can be by working within a system and playing as part of a team”


We put this philosophy into action by designing and delivering specific training sessions based around the following objectives…


  • Helping children improve every day motor skills through a series of fun games and activities

  • Helping children understand what it means to be part of a team

  • Helping children integrate and develop within a social environment

  • Creating a clear pathway for each child to achieve their potential

  • Educating parents on how best to support their child’s learning

  • Allowing players to express themselves in a non—judgemental environment

  • Allowing players to learn at a speed and in a way that suits them


Our philosophy and objectives have been guided by the FA’s Four Corner Model which can be seen below as we feel it’s a good guide to helping young children with potential become rounded and talented adults.


To see how we can help your child please visit our Clubs & Classes section.

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