Autism Football Coaching

Teaching football to children on the autism spectrum is a huge passion of mine and one of the most satisfying experiences I am privileged to have as a coach.


With three kids of my own diagnosed with ASD, I'm acutely aware of the daily struggles autistic people have with anxiety and the frustrations that come from trying to do the little things most of us find reletively straightforward.


I love the challenge of adapting my coaching methods to find new ways of helping each individual autistic child as they're all so unique in their personalities and learning styles.


What most people don't comprehend is that, because of how an autistic child's brain is wired, they're often able to figure out how to do certain tasks much quicker than others, allbeit in a slightly different way!


Their attention to detail and need for routine make them the perfect candidates for 1-2-1 coaching and, over the years, I've often seen very quick improvements in balance and coordination of the ASD children I've coached.


It's all about finding someone who properly understands their condition whether that be in person or through distance learning. 





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Hear what our parents have to say...

" Lee is a wonderful, experienced and patient football coach. My 8 year old son has Aspergers and Lee really knows how to communicate with him to bring out the best."

" Lee uses my child's huge imagination as a focus and works his lessons around whoever my son wants to be on the day. He's been able to quickly make up sessions with specific exercises based around policemen, Harry Potter, Scientists, Superheroes and Henry the VIII to name just a few."

"Over the past 18 months I've seen my boy's motor skills, coordination and confidence improve hugely.."

"The private football lesson is the highlight of my son's week and we feel lucky to have Lee teaching him"

Below are also a couple of case studies that highlight how, with a bit of commitment, anyone regardless of their ability level can quickly develop new motor skills that will help them not only to play football, but also in day to day life.

Case Study 1


Amber started training with me after being diagnosed High-Functioning autistic.



She struggled with balance and coordination inssues and also had high anxiety coupled with a general lack of confidence and belief in herself.


Being that she was a complete beginner and taking her conditions into account we decided that, before introducing a football, and to help her going forward, we'd do some work on the agility ladder to improve her motor skills and also get her brain and her feet in sync.


The video below was taken after a 2 minute explaination of the technique and a few practices on day 1, and then again on day 5.


She literally spent 10 minutes each day working on the ladder and the results were amazing.


They highlight just how quickly, with the proper instruction, autistic children can learn the basic fundamental skills of balance and coordination...


Case Study 2

Summer was diagnosed with Aspergers and ADHD and, like so many others, came to me after a bad experience at a previous football group.


Following a consultation with her dad, I discovered that some young coaches she'd recently trained with, despite stating they'd coached kids with autism in the past, didn't seem to have enough knowlege of her conditions to be able to properly help and, because of this, she struggled to keep up with the other children in the group.


Her concentration subsequently deteriorated during the sessions and, as she rapidly lost interest, she started withdrawing from the group.


This ultimately led to her being asked to leave the club which then knocked her confidence massively. 


It was essential that we got her back on track quickly and, along with the dedication and commitment of her dad, we were soon able to get her smiling, engaged and learning new skills in no time at all.


We've worked together for about 4 months now and she has progressed at an astounding rate.


Every time I see her she's mastered the tricks and skills we worked on in the previous session and she's always excited to show them off.


Her rapid development has since led to her joining her first team and they've already managed to reach a cup final!


Further proof of the incredible learning capabilities of a child on the autism spectrum. 


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