Welcome to our football club testimonials page where you can read what other parents have to say about us...

"Before a recent house move, Lee had coached my son for 2 1/2 years. Over that time I saw a huge leap not only in Charlie's technical ability but also in his confidence.


Lee has a real talent for always getting the most out of the kids he coaches.


Training sessions are always structured to maximise the learning experience and above all, he makes sure everyone plays with a big smile on their face.


Lee has also helped Charlie's 'football brain' and has made sure he is comfortable playing in all positions (even in goal!).


His passion for the game is infectious and he always goes the extra mile with the kids.


I can't recommend him highly enough - we just wish we could have taken 'coach Lee' with us when we moved!"


Jon - Dad of Charlie (aged 8)

"When my son watched Lee coach a private lesson he was so impressed he asked me if he could have one to one coaching to learn some new skills.


He has now been learning with Lee for a few months and not only improved his football skills immensly, but is also much more confident in himself.


Lee respects each boy he coaches as an individual and he has formed a positive relationship with my shy natured son.


He makes the sessions fun and full of challenges, specifically aimed to further the boy's skills.


My sons private lessons have become the highlight of his week and, according to him, they are essential for all his development and he definitely needs to keep having them.


He says that Lee believes in him, encourages him, sets challenges, makes it fun and helps him get over his frustrations when he can't do something straight away.


Lee's enthusiasm and unique talent teaching young children football skills make him the perfect private coach for my son and I can't thank him enough for the work he does with Nicky!"


Elke - Mum of Nicky (aged 8)

"We were delighted to have Lee organise our son's 9th birthday football party.


He was extremely accommodating in regards to our son's game suggestions and also very flexible about the venue.


He was able to get everybody on board and the boys had tremendous fun and enjoyed the competitive games very much.


During the game, sweets and treats were provided and at the end every child received a nice certificate and my son got a trophy.


Everybody agreed that it was a great party and we can therefore highly recommend Lee and Mini Tekkers."


Imke - Mum of Freddy (aged 9)

"My son has been playing under Lee for about two years now and his technical abilities, skills and awareness have developed a great deal in that time.


Lee's excellent knowledge and understanding of the game, combined with his passion and dedication make him a fantastic coach.


The sessions are always fun and enjoyable and it's clear he wants each player he deals with to fulfill their potential.


Recently Lee also recommended Sam to a pro club and he is now training regularly at their Development Centre!"


Freysen - Dad of Sam (aged 8)

“In the past couple of years Lee has developed my son’s football abilities in what can only be described as nothing short of miraculous.


When Edward first joined his club at 5 years of age he struggled with his coordination and spent much of the time falling over.


Now he has gained the necessary skill set to be confident on the ball and play with a tactical awareness of knowing when to commit to a challenge and when to hold back, when to pass and when to take on a player.


By putting him in a number of different positions, Lee has developed in my son an all-round perspective of what the positions require and is rapidly making him into a well-rounded footballer who is equally confident as goalkeeper, defender, midefielder or striker.


The passion that Edward now has for the game and his impressive rate of progress would not have been possible without Lee's wise and dedicated coaching.


His calm and approachable style make him a popular coach who is able to bring out the best in the kids."


James - Dad of Edward (aged 7)

“Lee Has been coaching my son’s team for nearly 3 years now and I could not speak more highly of the way he encourages and motivates all the boys to the point that they have risen up the the ladder and now play in the top division of their league.


He treats all the kids with the utmost respect and kindness while challenging them with interesting drills and developing their understanding of the game.


He consistently praises the boys for their efforts whilst encouraging them to develop further which results in a desire across the whole team to perform to the best of their ability.


He has an incredible connection with each of the boys on an individual level and I can safely say that my son, for one, has benefitted hugely, both as a person and a little footballer, from the nurturing but technically challenging coaching environment that Lee has provided.”


Julian - Dad of Aiden (aged 7)

“Lee has coached my son for the last 18 months and in that time his enthusiastic and committed approach to training and match days has helped Malachy develop both his football skillset and his confidence on the pitch.


Lee’s sessions are very well structured, focussing on all areas from passing, dribbling and technique, to exercises teaching the kids how to be part of a team.


Above all, Lee makes football great fun for the children he coaches and he has had, and continues to have a very positive impact on my son's attitude to and enjoyment of football."


Shane - Dad of Malachy (aged 7)

“Lee successfully ran a six week course of football coaching at Strathmore School, working with a group of disabled students 17 to 19 years old.


He planned all the sessions, taking into account the student’s previous experience and skills and he built progression with carefully selected tasks.


He also wrote weekly reports to me with all the details about every student and their progress.


They all really liked him and he motivated them easily to join in with even the most challenging ones getting involved.


Lee clearly has a very natural and determined approach with youngsters with disabilities, enabling them to enjoy and learn football skills and I hope that he continues to work as a coach with different groups of young people as I know he will have huge success as an instructor.”


Strathmore School